8 pearls (Eight Section Silk Brocade)

The set of exercises “Eight Section Silk Brocade” or “Ba Duan Jin” is widely practiced by the beginners in medical Qigong.

Why is it so “popular” all over the world?

Living in the present time of global information, accessible internet, fast rhythm of the metropolitan cities, it is “difficult” to take a minute for your health. This set of eight exercises makes you “go over” the above mentioned factors, because it is multipurpose and beginner-friendly.

The main principle of life nowadays “to spend the least – to get the most” is also applied to those who want to be healthy. “Eight Section Silk Brocade” can be traced back to the ancient times of dynasties wars. It was created to train the army and to improve the health of soldiers.

One of the ways to heal the body – to influence the acupuncture channels – is favoured in many countries of the world. The sequence of movement in question is aimed to clear the body meridians. For example, you ate something bad and you’re not feeling well. It means that something went wrong in your digestive system. The third section is believed to balance stomach and spleen (pancreas) meridians, and the fifth section – to rotate the spine of the lumbar region and stimulate genitourinary system; to eliminate “heart-fire”.

Key points helping to perform the exercises correctly.


Keep the head straight, the crown of the head “suspended”, pulling the neck backwards. It provides complete opening of the cervical spine, which brings on oxygen to the “command center”. It provides health to cerebral blood vessels, and gives the opportunity to let go all the accumulated waste, negative emotions.


The signal “to relax” goes all the way from the cervical region down the vertebral column. The cerebrospinal fluid brings relaxation to organs of the body (glands, liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and the skin).


The armpits are open: meaning the opening of the lymph nodes and capillaries, which stimulates blood circulation in the upper extremities. The opening of the inguinal folds Kua provide free blood circulation in the lower extremities.


Joint capsules of the osseous system are not “blocked or twisted”.

It is understood, that while starting practicing this set of exercises, it is not easy to simultaneously implement all the “key points” into practice, but with the time you will find yourself in high spirits and in a peaceful state of mind throughout the whole day after practicing the “Eight Silk Brocades”.

It has been scientifically proved, that “Ba Duan Jin” provides a wide range of beneficial effects on a person’s health: it improves respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, joint mobility; strengthens legs and arms, and restores the energy balance of the body.

It can also be pointed out, that it boosts the immune system, cures osteoporosis and coronary atherosclerosis, retards the aging process, and improves mental state.

“Ba Duan Jin” is included into the Chinese Health Qigong Association teaching programme.

P.S.  We are used to take care of other people, but do we take care of ourselves well enough?