Vertebral Column

The word “column” sounds firm and fundamental. If we add flexibility to it, and provide it with sensitivity and nerve conduction, we will get the base of our body – the vertebral column.

Imagine a Christmas Tree – it is the vertebral column; Christmas ornaments beautifully decorating the tree – are the organs, “suspended” on the column; 

branches of the tree – are arms and legs; Christmas lights – are the acupuncture points covering the body.

A deformed spine can be compared to a TV antenna, which receives the signal of your favourite TV series on, but it’s weak and noisy. The area of a person’s life, where he is likely to experience difficulties, is reflected in the region of the vertebral column that has got malformations.

The lumbus is responsible for the emotional stability and genitourinary system, motor function of the lower extremities, joints and blood vessels; the solar plexus area of the thoraric spine – is the digestive system and the excretory function of the body; the thoracic spine – is the heart, lungs and glands (thymus and thyroid); the cervical region – serves the gate to the “command center”.

The importance of the vertebral column and its influence on life of a person are not to be underestimated. The body of a person would be no more than a bag made of skin, full of useless organs. Value and build your backbone of life.

P.S.  We are used to take care of other people, but do we take care of ourselves well enough?