The goal of practicing Taijiquan is to become soft, natural and sensitive in movements of life; to join the intent with the ability of the body. The body is a vessel . As we provide a vehicle with fuel, we provide the body with Qi energy.

For example, when a person wants to do a forward roll, the intent “Yi” evaluates the body abilities (joints flexibility, tuck and roll skill) and the force of intent or Qi energy. Only having learned to control one’s body, one can become a Happy Person, who is moving by the means of a “controlled” body towards the goal, without any obstacles.

Such a movement becomes common and natural, because all the compounds: the intent, the force and the light, controlled body – are well coordinated between each another.

The “Upbringing” of the body is effected by the means of balanced movements of Taijiquan.

A key component of effective process of learning to be a Happy Person is: “A sound (joyful, sublime)  mind in a sound body”. The body needs to be free of any blockages, when every cell is able to breathe, to absorb new and to get rid of waste.

It is important to learn to breathe “consciously” while moving: when you walk, eat or draw. Being into something “leads you away” from breathing consciously. Taijiquan is aimed to incorporate the conscious breathing by every tiny cell into the body systems, in coordination with the rhythms of Nature.

Soft movements allow the Qi energy to freely circulate along the acupuncture meridians, healing the circular system (Microcosmic Orbit), and bring joy and inner happiness.

Gradually the body gets used to this rhythm and stops falling ill. Such a Person is one to rely on for family and friends. We communicate with Space through the “control” of our body, wherever we are: in an office or in a supermarket, in the subway or at a gas station, among family members or friends, where being friendly – is the main rule.

P.S.  We are used to take care of other people, but do we take care of ourselves well enough?