Andrey Milyanyuk

Born in Moscow in 1962, he started practicing karate at the Kyokushin school at the age of twelve. After graduating from the Moscow fine arts and theater technical school and serving in the army, he entered the Institute of Asian and African countries of Moscow State University, that he graduated from with a degree in Oriental history, with specialization as a reference translator from Chinese language.

During an internship in China in the late 80’s, he studied the “external” and “internal” styles of Wushu under the guidance of famous masters. At the same time, he became a personal disciple of master Zhou Yi (周 周), following the tradition of the famous teacher Wu Tunan (吴图南). He studied Qigong as well as the styles of Wu, Yang, and Chen Taijiquan for a long time.

He worked in the Scientific and practical Center for non-traditional methods of health improvement at the Central Research Institute “Sport” of the state sports Committee of the USSR, where Chinese masters of both sports and traditional directions were invited. He passed his PhD defense thesis on the topic “The Doctrine of” life-nursing” (yanshengxue 养学) in traditional China”.

Since 1994, he has been teaching Taijiquan and Qigong classes at the Department of gymnastics of the Russian State Academy of physical culture. As well he participates in the preparation of training manuals of the Academy. For more effective work in this direction, under the guidance of a teacher Zhou Yi, he creates a Research society “Taiji” (Taiji yanjiu hui 太极研究会), one of the important activities of which was to establish direct contacts with the most interesting representatives of traditional Wushu and Qigong, translate and publish their books and manuscripts, organize seminars in Russia, as well as scientific expeditions to China and Hong Kong.

Milyanyuk A. O. has been studying martial and health-improving arts of the East for about thirty years under the guidance of famous masters, representing their tradition in Russia. Author of dozens of research articles, books and translations on this subject, he combines deep theoretical knowledge with real combat practice of the “internal” direction of Wushu. He actively participates in the creation of the national research structure for the study of Chinese traditional Wushu and Qigong. Andrey Milyanyuk enjoys international recognition and participates in several major international scientific projects.

Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences at the Department of military history and theory, the President of the Moscow Wushu Federation, leading researcher of Institute of Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of the International Scientific Association for the study of Yi Ching, coordinator of the research sector of the public organization “League of traditional martial Wushu”, laureate of the badge of honor of the League.

Honorary President of the Russian Association of Chinese medicine and pharmacology.

More information about Milyanyuk A. O. on his website:милянюк-андрей-олегович/

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