About Qigong

Qigong, does this mean stroking the air?
Yes and no.

Yes – we consciously observe the movement inside the joint capsule. No – we breathe in coordination with the movement of the body.

Qigong, does this mean nurturing of life?
Yes and no.

We abundantly fill up the body vessel with oxygen. No – we enlarge the lungs volume.

Qigong, is it smooth like a river flow?
Yes and no.

Yes – it is an endless flow and nurturing the organs of the body. No – it is clear mind in the eternity.

The aim.
  1. Body – to feel free and comfortable.
  2. Mind is free – spirits are high.
  3. Body coordination – unity of shoulders, back, loins, legs and head.
  4. Abdominal breathing – the massage of the abdominal and the lesser pelvis cavities.
  5. Knee joints – no pressure in the knee joints, the feet are as the basement, accrete to the ground.

The task.
  1. To follow the nature.
  2. To focus the attention in the lower part of the body – to get your mind cleared.
  3. To store the energy surplus.
  4. To inhale, filling yourself up with vital power – to exhale, keeping the vitality stored.
  5. To nurture your vital capacity.
  6. To smile and to appreciate what you’ve got.

P.S.  We are used to take care of other people, but do we take care of ourselves well enough?