Our life, especially in the Metropolis, has fleeting nature and is very flashy.
Imagine a car engine running at full power without a break.
Without interruption it’s getting old before its’ time and it makes it going directly to a cemetery.
In order to prolong Life of an engine or a heart in Human body, you need to make pauses for a lunch and/or a healthy sleep?!

Qigong is the Natural depth of breathing that means deep lungs’ ventilation and an additional storage of Energy to prolong Life.

TaiChiQuan is the Natural Depth of Breathing in a free-and-easy body movements that help transfering static skills into everyday Life.

In our classes you can:

Get acquainted with the health-giving exercise sequence – «Eight Pearls» (known as “Ba Duan Jin”) to clean twelve acupuncture meridians of a human body

Put in natural and right way spinal column without any tension to watch over your body posture

Learn how to breath from the belly like all nature does

Examine your thoughts and strengthen your nerves

Nuture Spirit and Body Integrity

By combining all the above you get warm-hearted Taijiquan