Elena Blokhina

It’s was Millennium’s eve, a snowstorm ouside. My head was splitting, and I had to take a tablet of Citramonum, as I usually do. In half an hour I was dying of acute Quincke’s edema – an allergic reaction to the medicine. It had never happened to me before. Emergency doctors saved my life, and I gave a promise to myself: no more pills. And there came the question: How to live without medicines?

Having examined a pile of literature dedicated to healthy lifestyle, I chose to stick to the following: organism cleaning; healthy eating; ealing practices; regular physical exercises. So, I stepped into the new century with the new way of life.

In autumn 2000 I was on vacations in Turkey. Early in the morning I went outside to do my morning exercises, and I saw a fit young woman performing unusual soft movements. It was so beautiful and full of harmony, it was absolutely dazzling. As if the girl brought her own magical world, full of light, peace and serenity, with her. I got acquainted with her. She was the person from whom I heard the mysterious word “Taijiquan” for the first time.

When I came back to Moscow, I went to see her teacher – Alexey Kuzmin, who was sharing the secrets of the Chinese healing gymnastics with me for almost 2 years. Then Alexey moved to a different place, and I had to practice on my own for about 4 years.

In 2006 I saw an advertisement in the back window of a car in the street: “I give classes of Shaolin Kung Fu”. That’s how I met Pavel Ryabikov. He was teaching sport style Kung Fu, that provided good physical condition. Together with Pavel and his team I visited the famous Shaolin Temple, where we were trained by Chinese masters. And it was Pavel who recommended me to meet Eduard Gatalskiy.

I’ve been training in Eduard’s group since 2010. He took me to a whole new level in my practice, it became more conscious. As a result, I got a great improvement in my body, new inner horizons have and are continuing to open up.

With Eduard’s help I got access to a very powerful healing system, that is providing my body with vital energy. Moreover, I have passed a Russian Wushu Federation qualification exam and have been awarded the 1st Duan rank. As well as some other Eduard’s students, I was among medallists of Russia Open Championship in Traditional Taijiquan at the Martial Arts Olimpics “East-West Open” 2014.

Eduard’s group – is a unity of like-minded people. These are people who chose the healthy way of life. They are people of integrity, amazingly interesting, ready to generously share their knowledge, insight and discoveries.