Kseniya Kazakova

I asked Edward for help when I had already started doubting everything)). I had been through more than 10 years of vegetative-vascular dystonia (this is when the head is spinning and noisy). It’s so unpleasant to remember that. Qigong and an osteopath rescued me.

And then there was a lot of work, stress, a change of work, and more stress, and more time spent on travelling to work every day. I started feeling really, really bad.

Just anything could result in getting nervous and a “cloud around” when your ears plug and your eyes become rippled. I used to get tired easily, walked like a sailor on the deck. My back hurt. I did only the most necessary things, my life was narrowed, lots of restrictions occurred…

And I started visiting doctors. I had lots of tests, medical prescriptions, six months of medication – vascular, nootropic, vitamins “for head.” When I tried to stop, I immediately felt bad again. Tried some massage. It helped me for a short while but then I had to start taking pills again. Tablets did not help! Tablets are a way to nowhere. And we don’t need a way to nowhere, we need to live.

And here I meet Edward. I was introduced to him by my qigong teacher. You must meet Edward, he said. So I did. What I got was a lot of positive things, a few lessons, explanations, strictness, getting rid of everything irrelevant, training, the result, fundamental changes.

I haven’t been taking any pills for improving blood circulation for three months. I feel energy and freedom when moving. I’m in a good mood. Everything is different now.))

What do I do for that? I do exercise. Edward explained how to do it properly. I practice qigong and plastic dance. I pay attention to what I eat, what I say, what I think.

I think we must seek, try, never give up. We are the ones to build your future. Train systematically, and the right mood will come.