Leonid Lukoyanov

I’ve been always interested in martial arts since my childhood. I’ve always loved films with Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal, but I couldn’t study karate or other arts, as I had a weak spine. Moreover, because of the serious head injury, I had a neurological surgery. In adult life I suffered from severe headaches and poor eyesight.

My eyesight was getting worse and worse, reaching -2,25D and -2,5D.

When I started practising qigong in 2011, my eyesight stopped worsening and headaches disappeared. Since then, I had to change my spectacles twice, but only because they were worn out and not because lenses were too weak. I take it as an important personal achievement.

What is more, qigong helped me in professional realisation. I got my dream job, and now I am one of the designers in a huge Russian web-studio.

Qigong exercise “Tree” (or “Pile”) is very important for me. After practicing it for 100 day in a row I suddenly got the job offer from a company, that I didn’t even dare to dream about.

I also must say some words about set of exercises called Taijiqigong. It was a life changing experience. Training with Jian sword helped to “open” the intervertebral discs in the chest and shoulder girdle, removing the clamp from the upper part of the spine and to set a positive dynamic in my fight against stoop.

Exercises bring joy and happiness into my life. I like to feel my body relaxed and my mind sharp and clear. I became more comfortable in my own skin. I feel more confident as I see great results in reaching my goals. And when you know your own goals, you can find a way to reach them.

Many thanks to Edward Gatalskiy for showing me the way to upgrade my body and my mind harmoniously!