Marina Puchkova

I’d like to tell you my qigong story. 14 years ago I came to Edward Gatalskiy because of my backaches. I started practicing special set of exercises that he gave me for my spine.

Firstly I did exercises mechanically and insensibly. I liked qigong training as it has nothing to do with heavy lifting and long workouts. But after some practicing I started to feel the energy flow in my body.

Energy is like a stream of air filled with joy inside the body. It brings relaxation, lightness and peace. I knew my soul was smiling and felt happy together with my body.

But later I started to skip practices. I don’t know why, I think it was simple laziness. And 2,5 ago my back avenged me with severe pain. I am not a great fan of medicine and I usually do not go to clinics, but this time I went to see a doctor only to find out that I shouldn’t have. They diagnosed me with “Radiculitis” and eagerly started three-weeks treatment.

I couldn’t get up and move around without pain killing injections. Of course this treatment led to no good. I had to take MRI scanning that showed a 10 mm spinal disc herniation. Doctors said I needed an urgent surgery as I could end up in a wheelchair.

I was in Belarus and I decided to phone Edward. His recommendations saved me from that surgery. I still remember his words: “Go home, dear, and start practicing exercises you used to do many years ago,” – he said to me. I skyped Edward to show him my trainings, and he corrected me, pointing out my errors.

At first I did exercises through pain twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). I had to take pill to move somehow. But after a month of regular training I realised that I didn’t need painkillers anymore. I tried to train outdoors as much as possible.

4 month after that I felt absolutely healthy. It was a real miracle! It is so wonderful to sit, to run, to jump, to bend over without any pain! Now I keep practicing regularly. I finally got the meaning of saying “you hold your happiness in your hands”. Thank you, Qigong!