Natalya Kurlovich

In my childhood I was an active girl. As soon as I learned walking, I stated going out for long walks, then doing bicycle, skiing, playing active games. My grandfather taught me to love to move and to work, and he cultivated intellectual curiosity in me.

When I studied at school, especially at the primary, my favourite subjects were – physical education and dancing. Later I started skating, roller blading, snowboarding, swimming, camping, so, I never stopped moving. Neither did I have any health problems, except temporary weakening of immune system, caused by intense studying and overworking.

I met Eduard Gatalskiy by chance. I had already been practicing martial arts since a few years by that moment. My Teacher was supposed to be away for a while, so he advised attending Eduard’s classes. That’s the way I got to know about Qigong. In the end I took classes for more than 4 months instead of 3 weeks.

Then Eduard went to China for vacations, and he never came back to that place to continue the classes. In the meantime my phone got broken and I lost all the contacts.

A year passed and I realised that I was missing that inner work. A bit later I hit my heel while jumping, it complicated my further training, and made me partially stop it. Qigong was exactly what I needed.

The absence of pressure on my foot would have let it heal itself. That’s when I made the second attempt to get in touch with Eduard. No one had his contact information. But the fortune smiled on me, and I found him through one of Yoga school websites. It’s been two years now since I’m in his group.

We are learning deep breathing technique, standing in a “Tree” posture, learning to “undo” the spine, to “put in back together”. Unfortunately (no, fortunately!) I can’t tell if my health has drastically improved since I began to practice, as it was not my physical condition that made me start practicing, and I have nothing to compare it to. But I can say, that I see practicing as an opportunity to dedicate some time to myself, to disconnect from the outside world, to listen to myself, to free my mind and chest, to let my body breathe.