Natalia Shabanson

I started practicing Qigong by chance, there’s nothing accidental in life though. A few years ago I noticed that my hearing got worse. First I didn’t pay any attention to it. But the situation was aggravating, and I went to see a doctor. I didn’t get any good news. I was told, that I needed to use a hearing aid. And my hearing would still be worsening. This was not promising at all. And I started to look for something or someone, who would be able to help me.

I watched a TV show with a famous producer Fadeev participating in it. He told his story of losing his hearing. Nobody was able to help him, but being an active person, he started looking for a way to heal himself. And he found one! He was cured by a Chinese, who, as I understood, was a Master of Qigong. This is my pre-story.

Later I saw an advertisement, telling about Qigong classes, at the entrance door of the house I lived in. Do you think I called? No.

Two weeks passed. Once I took my keys out of my pocket and I saw this advertisement with the phone number on it. This time I called! That’s when I discovered the world of Qigong. My new interesting life began. The life of discovering myself, my body.

The light at the end of the tunnel appeared. Now I know that I will hear!!!

This way is not easy, but it brings a lot of happiness. Before I couldn’t even imagine, how happy I would be going to classes at 6 in the morning!

Why do I like Qigong? I don’t have to force my body, I work gently and with pleasure. Every day I discover new opportunities. I’ve always dreamt that I would be able to walk with ease and enjoy my life at the age of 60.

I’ve never wanted to depend on medicines. Now I know: Qigong – is the key to my dream. Qigong – is my way of life.