Pavel Yakovlev

What I like most about practicing qigong and “Tree” exercise is self-observation.

During first lessons I was told that I had tight and raised up shoulders. I was taught to relax them and to lower them down. I also learned to breathe with my belly. Before that I breathed only with my chest. I used only a part of my lungs like an idling engine.Observing my belly breathing I felt tension in my vocal cords and loosened them to give a free exhale.

Before practicing qigong I had periodical headaches and took aspirin to get rid of them. Now I don’t need painkillers anymore, as “Tree” practice, relaxation and spinal “opening” made my headaches disappear. It’s been 2 years since my last pill.

Set of exercises Taijiqigong was difficult for me at first. I couldn’t get arm movements and squatting. Especially difficult for me was to combine movement with breathing. But regular practice helped me to understand details. Now I see that arm movements are not random. It’s not waving, it’s a free flow from the lower back. After stretching and relaxing my ligaments, now I am able to squat easily.

Qigong training and “Tree” exercise taught me to relax every muscle of my body. Regular practice gives me joy, energy and clear consciousness in everyday life.

Moreover, I decided to change my eating habits. I’d always been a meat eater, I couldn’t survive a day without bacon and cheese. At least, I thought so. I decided to keep a fast. It was really hard for me: I felt hungry even after a meal and my body demanded meat, cheese and something sweet. After three weeks this demands disappeared. I understood that I don’t need to eat meat and dairy products in every meal. Now I eat such products as a holiday treat.

To sum up I am really happy that I came to QiShi lessons with Edward and not to some random fitness club with heavy lifting.

About me:

I was born in November 1984. In 1989 I was diagnosed with hypoplasia of the right lung. I had a resection of mid inferior lobe of the right lung. In 1992 I was diagnosed with scoliosis. As a result I studied for 4 years in residential school № 76 based in Moscow. I had to lie down on my belly during the lessons. They used beds with wedge-shaped stands. I passed through physical therapy and slept on my back without a pillow.