The elderly group

Alla Leonidovna

I am 68 years old, and Qigong helps me to be in good shape. It took me a bit more than a year of practicing to notice some positive changes in my health:

  • I have learned to reduce the discomfort when my joints or some internal organs are sore;
  • I have cured my left shoulder joint, after having it hit badly, by the means of practicing a certain set of exercises, and without any medical interference;
  • I have learned to relax, as a result, my way of life has changed – I don’t jump the gun anymore like I used to;
  • My eyesight has got better

Elena Stanislavovna

I am 75 years old. I practice Qigong to learn the ways to keep my body healthy. Practicing Qigong since a year and a half accelerated my recovery from a pretty serious operation. I’m in good shape. Every class Of Eduard and Elena brings me joy. We are very lucky to have met those teachers.

Elena Bikova

I am 60 years old. I’ve been taking group classes of Qigong since a year and a half. I’m doing this to prolong activity in my life.

Pain in my back and my legs has disappeared naturally, without any effort on my part. I started wearing heels again! And the blood pressure monitor is out of my life. The ability to resist to diseases has enhanced, I’ve got more freedom of movement. There are a lot of small, but positive changes in my body and in my character.

Thanks to my teachers!

Tamara Andreevna

I’m 86. I practice Qigong to work on the proper breathing while doing exercises, recommended by doctors after an operation, to keep moving all parts of my body, especially knee joints. After a bit more than a year of training, my vitality has increased, my mood has improved.